What If I Stumble?

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8 thoughts on “What If I Stumble?”

  1. Akit :
    Lyrics to 'What If I Stumble?' by DC Talk. The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians Who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then walk out the door And deny Him by their lifestyle That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.
  2. Nezuru :
    What If I Stumble? Lyrics: The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today / Is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips / Then walk out the door and deny him by their lifestyle.
  3. Faelabar :
    Sep 07,  · I remember when I first heard "What If I Stumble" by DC Talk, it spoke to my spirit. Life happened and I had forgotten about this song. One day I remembered the song and found it and bought it, this song is a reminder of what can happen if you stumble and fall, but God is always their for you/5(23).
  4. Malazilkree :
    What if I stumble What if I fall? What if I lose my step And I make fools of us all? Will the love continue When my walk becomes a crawl? What if I stumble And what if I fall? What if I stumble? Everyone's got to crawl When you know that You're up against a wall It's about to fall Everyone's got to crawl When you know that Everyone's got to crawl.
  5. Mazukree :
    General CommentThis is a song about the Christian walk and how sometimes we may stumble away from God, but when we do we should just pick ourselves up and keep on enphapelleireotech.plejsamodevilwoodsfirscashelproducktpud.co is an excellent song, which many people, including myself, can relate to. The quote from Brennan Manning at the beginning is very unforgettable, yet unforunately very true.
  6. Mikajind :
    What If I Stumble (What if stumble What if I fall?) Is this one for the people? Is this one for the Lord? Or do I simply serenade for the things I must afford You can jumble them together my conflict still remains Holiness is calling in the mist of courting fame ('Cause I see the trust in their eyes) Though the sky is falling (They need your love in their lives) Compromise is calling.
  7. Fausho :
    Bm G Em What if I stumble, and what if I fall? Em What if I stumble? What if I fall? D A You never turn in the heat of it all. Em D A What if I stumble? What if I fall? Verse 2 Em D A Father please forgive me for I can not compose Em D A The fear that lives within me, or the rate at .
  8. Teshura :
    This was the third single released by Christian hip hop/alternative rock group dc Talk's fourth studio album, Jesus Freak. Dc Talker Toby McKeehan and songwriter Daniel Joseph expanded on that thought, and penned a song that was not only a .

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